Articulated Risers

The following information has been reproduced with permission from the book
Rural Living MANUAL‘ 2nd Edition by author Bernie Webb.

RURAL-Articulated-Risers.pdf (410 KB)

Articulated Risers

Wasn’t quite sure where to slot this in but it is quite important to know if you are not aware of it.  Articulated risers are simply 3 or 4 elbows and a short length of threaded pipe (each end) joined as shown in Figure 1 &  Figure 2.

There are several benefits when installing articulated risers to sprinklers; –

  • Sprinklers are easily adjusted to the correct height relative to the ground level.
  • The reticulation pipe and the sprinkler fitted to articulated risers are much less likely to break should they be driven over, as they simply flex down and back up.
  • Should you wish to raise a sprinkler due to top-dressing the grass or the thickness of the grass it is relatively easily achieve with no additional parts.
  • Sprinklers can be angled slightly if required to spray more in one direction than the another.

It is fairly common practice for all sprinklers in grassed areas of parks to be installed with articulated risers to practically eliminate breakages from tractors or mowers driving over them.

I strongly recommend that you install any sprinklers that could ever be mowed or driven over with articulated risers.  The negligible extra cost would easily be saved by the cost of the sprinklers you don’t have to replace.  Ask me how I know!  If you add them at a later date one extra elbow will be required (see Figure 2) but you will have an additional movement option.