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Two ecologically unique and diverse pieces of bushland East of the City of Kwinana are currently under threat and in urgent need of protection. We need your help to lobby government to stop this from happening!



We are sorry to have to tell you that the ugly head of Sand Mining has reared up again. A Public Notice was in Fridays paper (27th July 2018) giving links to a website relating to Rocla’s attempts to mine the old Rifle Range site at 53 Banksia Road, Wellard (Lots 53 & 1320). The City of Kwinana followed with an immediate Media Release urging residents to protest the Sand Mine – approvals had been granted from State Departments.

Stop the Banksia Road Sand Mine Campaign has moved!

Stop the Banksia Road Sand Mines

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Hansons Australia (formerly Rocla Pty Ltd) are proposing to clear pristine vegetation in order to mine a limited supply of sand.

Total Tenement Area: 26.06 Ha (64.40 Acres)
Total Mine Site Area:
 17.35 ha (42.87 Acres)
Total Vegetated Clearance: 16.25 ha (40.15 Acres)
EPBC Act Listing Status: Endangered

Yes, you read that correctly, 64.40 Acres of Banksia Conservation reserve, covered in native vegetation which contains almost 100 species of native fauna – including six conservation-significant species and the home of many local Carnaby and Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos.  Conservation Advice for the Banksia Woodlands was approved in 2016, yet here we are in 2018!

If approved, this mine would pave the way for broad scale clearing of natural vegetation of unique Banksia Woodlands in the Wellard area, resulting in an environment devoid of native flora and fauna
– Mayor Carol Adams


According to EPA Guidelines the screening or sieving of sand, rocks, chemicals and minerals requires a buffer distance of 500 metres to separate industrial land use and sensitive land use to minimise health, safety and environmental impacts.

How will this mine impact YOU? Please visit our dedicated Sand Mine Campaign website for detailed information, template letters and contacts list to take action.

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