Rural Living

Long term resident, CWPA committee member and former volunteer fire fighter of 25 years, Bernie Webb, has kindly allowed us to publicise sections of his book R U R A L‘ (R U Ready for Life Change) to support new and existing residents in maintaining their rural property in Wellard and Casuarina.

We have prepared the following web pages to provide guidance and suggestions to aspects of your rural property, referencing sections from Bernie’s book as well as providing updates where new information is available and to meet the latest requirements. Printable PDFs can be downloaded from within each page.

The following pages are from the 2nd Edition ‘Rural Living HANDBOOK’ (Now Available)

Have any feedback or suggestions on any of the topics? Please get in contact with the CWPA as we’d like to continually update each topic with the latest and most relevant information.

Full description of Bernie’s book:

  • Ever wished your property came with a handbook or an instruction book explaining some of the more important differences between suburban living and living in a rural or semi-rural location?
  • Wondered if you were cut out to own and care for livestock and what your legal and moral obligations might be?
  • Considered purchasing a tractor or rideon mower but have no idea what all the different features are for?
  • Need to purchase a chainsaw, but don’t know what size is best?
  • What are the dangers (if any) of the additional wildlife you will come in contact with in a rural setting.

These questions and many more have been answered in a friendly and informative approach by first time author Bernie Webb. Bernie and his wife Hazel moved to a special-rural area of Perth WA in 1991, with virtually no inkling of the additional knowledge they would have to quickly acquire, to enable them to successfully adapt to their new rural environment.

Bernie has run his small business, ‘Redgum Rural Services’ since 1994 and was an active member of the local ’Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade’ for 25 years. This, together with firsthand involvement with his own special-rural property, has given him plenty of experience to draw from.

Realising that most people making this move will also have the same problems to solve, Bernie has not only written but completely designed, edited and self-published a very practical and informative book.

R U R A L’ is squarely aimed at people moving, or already moved from suburbia to a rural area. The book is liberally illustrated throughout with over 160 photographs (mostly taken by Bernie) as well as a number of explanatory tables and diagrams.

See Redgumrural website for more

R U R A L’ (1st Edition) is now available to local residents for a special price of $20.
Contact Bernie at (pick up only)

Summarised in Bernie’s own words:
“…a book that I wish we could have referred to 25 years ago”