Keep Gates Shut

The following information has been reproduced with permission from the book
 ‘RURAL‘ (R U Ready for A Life Change), page 40, by author Bernie Webb.

RURAL-Keep-Gates-Shut.pdf (PDF 217KB)

“I don’t need an Automatic Gate Kit; I’ll just leave the gate open.” I hear you say, well think again.  If your front gate is left open:

  • And you have stock of some description contained within internal paddocks and somehow the stock escapes the paddock (gate not closed properly, etc.), there is nothing to stop the stock wandering onto the road and causing an accident.  As you had not taken all necessary precautions to keep your stock contained on your own property, you would be liable for any damage and/or injury caused.
  • Even if you do not have any stock or pets, there is nothing to stop roaming dogs or other undesirables from entering your property.
  • Potential thieves can easily drive up your driveway without having to stop to open the gate and lessening the potential to be noticed by a neighbour.  Opportunistic thieves will always try a driveway with the gate open before bothering with a closed gate.

“OK, so I’ll shut the gate when I leave and only leave it open when I am at home”.  This is also bad news, as it is a dead giveaway to any criminal types that have been monitoring the area.  They will learn that if your gate is open not to bother, as you are probably home, but if the gate is closed you are most probably out, so in this case it is worthwhile them opening the gate, driving in and seeing what they can lay their hands on.

So I strongly recommend that you keep your gate closed all the time, then your gate cannot give any indication as to your whereabouts, opportunistic villains are less likely to have a look, none of your animals should escape your property, stray dogs are unlikely to visit, possibly worrying your livestock and flocks of sheep should not make any unexpected appearances.

How long would your roses last if this mob decided to turn into your open front gate?