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Since we’re right in the middle of a battle against Hanson’s to stop their sand mining proposal, we’ve decided to offer Associate Memberships for free but ask you buy one of our “STOP THE BANKSIA ROAD SAND MINE CAMPAIGN” signs for cost price, free membership included!

The idea behind registering online is that we can build a database of all local members in the area, allowing us to easily notify you of resident group meetings, events, monthly update emails, or anything of common interest that may impact you or your quality of rural living. Wider surrounding residents are also welcome as the sand mine incident is one example that affects both rural and estate residents.

All information will be held confidentially, it helps us best understand where you live and what may directly impact you, just in case we need to alert you with short notice!

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The signs cost us $14 to have printed (once we divide the total cost of a bulk order per sign), therefore we're charging exactly that price for your CWPA membership and we'd appreciate if you could attach it to your gate or fence to show a united front as local residents.

If you'd like more signs we can offer these at a subsidised price of $10 per sign (we'll cover the $4 difference).

All information regarding the sand mine can be found at the dedicated sand mine web page.

First sign included with membership
Already contributed to the CWPA or the Sand Mine campaign elsewhere? Just choose 'Cash Payment' so the registration is processed as it's a required field.

Casuarina Wellard Progress Association

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