Return of the Flies – Christmas 2019

Unfortunately we find ourselves again having to deal with an outbreak of flies and are experiencing odours from the yards of Wellard Rural Exports.

Due to the concerns raised by a number of residents, the CWPA have contacted both the City of Kwinana and City of Rockingham to seek advice on this matter. In summary, If we want this situation resolved we need to kick up our own stink! But most of all we need evidence.

For anyone experiencing fly and/or odour issues:

  1. Take photographs of full fly traps, photos of other visual evidence of unacceptable fly infestation.
  2. Download and maintain a log sheet to be submitted to (attention: Environmental Health)

Read further details in the official response received by the City of Kwinana:

The City of Kwinana is concerned that the fly problem has become an issue again for our residents. To assist with the investigation, any concerned resident should complete the attached nuisance log sheet and return by email: (attention: Environmental Health). The City of Kwinana will collate them and forward onto the City of Rockingham. We have requested that the City of Rockingham undertakes an inspection at the sheep yard to examine their practices and to ensure compliance with the health legislations. We have asked to be present during the inspection, although City of Kwinana officers do not have any legal power or rights to enter a property outside our City. We have begun to liaise with various stakeholders and we aim to verify these complaints further early in the new year.

Any odour complaints should still be forwarded to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) through the online reporting form at The City of Kwinana is also happy to assist by collating any odour reports and to forward them onto DWER. The odour log sheet is attached and can be returned by email: (attention: Environmental Health). If the odour is happening during business hours, please contact an Environmental Health Officer on 9439 0475 and we will attempt to visit the area to verify the odour.

It has been less than 12 months since last years outbreak. We need more proactive measures to be taken and ongoing monitoring of controls that were previously requested.

On the 11th of January, Environmental Health Officers from City of Rockingham conducted an inspection of the Wellard Rural Exports premises which revealed there was significant fly breeding at the holding sheds and stockpiles. They have requested the company to employ measures to control the fly breeding and forwarded the inspection findings with complaint details to the Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER).

We will provide a further update once available.